Express Personalized Service

AWS Cargo & Courier facilitates fast and secure global shipments, handling the entire process for you.

Express Personalized Service
Express Personalized Service

At AWS Cargo & Courier, located in Atenas, Alajuela, we understand that every client, whether an individual or a business, has unique shipping and logistics needs. That's why we offer a wide range of personalized services, from fast shipping to detailed solutions for vehicle nationalization, designed to meet the specific demands of all our clients in Costa Rica and beyond.

Explore Our Express Personalized Service Options

Our 'Express Personalized Service' consists of various options that perfectly adapt to each unique situation, whether for personal use or business needs. From efficient management of urgent shipments with DHL Express to more complex solutions like vehicle nationalization and package consolidation in Miami, we provide you with the tools and support necessary to ensure that your logistics operations are efficient and effective. Discover how each service is designed to offer you maximum convenience and security, helping you focus on what truly matters: your growth and success.

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  • DHL Express:

    We provide both national and international express shipping, ideal for important documents and personal packages, ensuring fast and secure deliveries from Costa Rica to anywhere in the world. Our online tracking platform offers peace of mind and confidence at every stage of the process.

  • Custom Courier Service:

    This service is perfectly tailored to meet each client's needs, offering door-to-door pickup and delivery to ensure maximum convenience and reliability, ideal for sending special gifts or important documents.

  • Consolidation and Locker in Miami:

    Take advantage of our flagship service to facilitate your online shopping. We provide you with a U.S. address where you can send your online purchases, and we manage the entire process up to Costa Rica.

  • Customized Maritime Transport:

    We offer maritime transport from any part of the world, including our warehouse in Miami, with competitive rates suitable for your personal or business loads.

  • Vehicle Nationalization:

    If you are interested in importing a vehicle to Costa Rica, we offer a comprehensive nationalization service, handling all the necessary customs and administrative procedures for a hassle-free process.


Benefits of Our Express Personalized Service

Explore how our adaptability and attention to detail in each service can make a difference in your logistics operations, enhancing your efficiency and satisfaction for both personal and business needs.

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Total Adaptability: Our "Express Personalized Service" allows you to adjust every aspect of your logistics operations to meet your specific needs. From fast and secure shipments with DHL Express to detailed solutions for load consolidation and vehicle nationalization, we ensure that each solution is perfectly aligned with your goals, whether to enhance your business or simplify your personal shipments.

You will benefit from our ability to handle shipments of any size and complexity, guaranteeing safety, timeliness, and efficiency. At AWS Cargo & Courier, our commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in every step of the logistics process. We provide not only peace of mind but also competitive advantages that enable you to stand out in the market, whether from Atenas, Alajuela, for Costa Rica or any international destination.

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Other Services

You choose the cities where you would like to make the delivery. All deliveries are made within a specific service area, and delivery services vary by location. Whatever the mode or requirement, we will find and book the ideal expedited shipping solution to ensure timely delivery.

Strategic Solutions for PYMEs
Strategic Solutions for PYMEs

AWS Cargo & Courier provides customized logistics solutions to boost the expansion and optimization of PYMEs operations in Costa Rica.

Advanced Logistics Solutions for Businesses
Advanced Logistics Solutions for Businesses

AWS Cargo & Courier offers advanced logistics solutions from Costa Rica to ensure efficiency and punctuality in the shipments of modern businesses.

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