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From Atenas, Alajuela, AWS Cargo & Courier provides tailored services: fast shipping, PYMEs consulting, and corporate solutions. We connect your world with efficiency and reliability.

Express Personalized Service
Express Personalized Service

AWS Cargo & Courier facilitates fast and secure global shipments, handling the entire process for you.

Strategic Solutions for PYMEs
Strategic Solutions for PYMEs

AWS Cargo & Courier provides customized logistics solutions to boost the expansion and optimization of PYMEs operations in Costa Rica.

Advanced Logistics Solutions for Businesses
Advanced Logistics Solutions for Businesses

AWS Cargo & Courier offers advanced logistics solutions from Costa Rica to ensure efficiency and punctuality in the shipments of modern businesses.

AWS Cargo & Courier

Delivering Sustainable Success with AWS Cargo & Courier

Committed to Excellence and Social and Environmental Responsibility

Delivering Sustainable Success with AWS Cargo & Courier

Leadership in Sustainable Logistics


At AWS Cargo & Courier, we combine logistics expertise with a firm commitment to sustainability, social, and environmental responsibility. Our expert team drives both operational efficiency and environmental innovation.


  • Conscious Innovation: We adapt the latest eco-friendly practices to reduce the environmental footprint of each shipment.
  • Efficient Solutions: We maximize safety and minimize costs with clean technologies and route optimization.
  • Green Supply Chains: We implement strategies that ensure sustainable operations and waste reduction.
  • Ethical and Timely Results: We commit to punctuality and integrity, ensuring customer satisfaction and respect for the planet.


Discover how we can enhance your business responsibly.

Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to offering top-tier logistics and transportation services, prioritizing sustainability and personalized attention at every step. Our commitment sets us apart as leaders in Costa Rica.


  • Customized Quality and Efficiency: We tailor our solutions to maximize your efficiency in imports and exports, ensuring the highest quality.
  • Expert and Committed Team: Committed to exceeding your expectations, we provide consistent and exceptional service, with a steadfast commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
AWS Cargo & Courier

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